We Need to Talk, AI

Read a comic about Artificial Intelligence that gets you up to speed on the current state of technology and opens up deep discussions about how to best deal with its integration into our lives.

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In their comic essay We Need to Talk, AI data scientist Julia Schneider and artist Lena Ziyal, detail the current state of AI without hype, marketing or sensationalism. They provide insights into the technologies involved and the reasons for the numerous recent advances in the field with straightforward explanations that don’t require any technical knowledge.

Their book covers the large variety of uses and applications of AI through several examples, and shows some of the improvements that it might offer to society in terms of not only efficiency and economic opportunities but also inclusion and accessibility. More importantly, it invites reflection and debate through open questions and discussion of the real dangers and actual moral dilemmas this technology poses, well before the menace of sentient robots taking over the world is anything more than a movie plot.

We Need To Talk, AI was published under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, which allows free non-commercial use and distribution. Learn more.

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In the I AM A.I. Exhibition

Pages from We Need to Talk, AI are displayed prominently in large format. It’s also the perfect reading, either before or after visiting the exhibition, to have a deeper exploration of the many subjects and technologies discussed.

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