The traveling exhibition I AM A.I. opens to the public for the first time in Heidelberg beginning on January 29, 2022, in the MAINS.
2021-03-10 / 2021-03-26
As part of the IDM 2021, we conducted interactive presentations and teacher workshops on A.I. in Algeria, the Republic of Congo, and Senegal.
2021-04-24 / 2021-04-25
At dareCon! conference in Australia, we held an exciting workshop on the core concepts of A.I.
2021-06-09 / 2021-06-11
A three-Day workshop “Mathematical Introduction to Reinforcement Learning” for University students and professors in Pakistan.
2021-06-09 / 2021-06-11
A talk and two mini-workshops on I AM A.I. were given at the Ecsite Conference.
An I AM A.I. workshop as part of the Siemens Digital Day.
2021-06-18 / 2021-06-19
I AM A.I. was presented at a two-day conference at the University of Jena.
I AM A.I. conducted a workshop with WiselyWise for school students in Singapore.
2021-07-26 / 2021-07-30
At the MINT Summer School Bishkek, we conducted three AI workshops for school students.
2021-09-13 / 2021-09-15
I AM A.I. will be presented at the 19th DELFI 2021 conference in Dortmund.
2021-09-27 / 2021-09-30
I AM A.I. will present its worldwide activities at the mEducation Alliance Symposium 2021.
At the Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation 2021, we present our collaboration with the Goethe-Institut: Learning A.I. and German at the same time.
Interactive lecture on AI for 450 Students at The Science Academy STEM MAGNET in Los Angeles.
A short lecture on I am A.I. at the eDOCation conference in Cologne, Germany.
A keynote lecture at the international webinar series ‘AI in mathematics education’ organized by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization.
An external lecture about I AM A.I. and AI exhibitions in general for the Svenska Science Centers.
A workshop for school students on Artificial Intelligence at Jugend Forscht Baden-Württemberg.
In the last 3 months we have conducted 15 teacher trainings (2-3 day long) for German and STEM teachers on Artificial Intelligence.
In the last 3 months we have conducted over 30 four day long workshops worldwide and for school students on Artificial Intelligence, its mathematical background, and its implication on society.
An interactive talk on I AM A.I. was given for a broad public in collaboration with the organization FUNDAPROMAT in Panama.
2020-12-03 / 2020-12-04
Virtual Conference and Exhibition “WE ARE A.I. - Into the world of Artificial Intelligence” for the African continent with AIMS and pre-conference of the Next Einstein Forum.
The German Association of Foundations selected I AM A.I. for its “Wirkung hoch 100 initiative” as one of Germany's 100 best ideas for the education, science and innovation system of tomorrow.
We are happy to announce that I AM A.I. is Finalist at Falling Walls 2020 in the category Digital Education.
A playful and interactive introduction to AI core technologies at the Berlin Science Week.
I AM A.I. at Meet and Code. We conducted an online workshop that introduces 14-16 year old participants to the core concepts of A.I.
I AM A.I., a visual and interactive introduction to neural networks and reinforcement learning, is a side program of the ESA Φ-week, Italy.
Making of - I AM A.I” is part of the German Day of Foundations with background information on the project.
2020-09-25 / 2020-12-31
The digital interactive "Piano Genie" is featured in the virtual exhibition "WIPO: AI and IP – A virtual experience”, Geneva, Switzerland.
2020-09-21 / 2020-09-25
Digital exhibition of I AM A.I. and interactive talk at the Virtual Heidelberg Laureate Forum (vHLF).
Interactive talk on I AM A.I. at the National Museum of Mathematics in New York, register here.
An online I AM A.I. guest lecture is given for the 10 Academy training in Data Science for 40 students from Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.
2020-07-14 / 2020-07-16
Students from Mannheim, Germany, enjoy free virtual guided school tours through the digital exhibition.
I AM A.I. will be part of the 5th Creative Mathematical Sciences Communication (CMSC) Online Event on July 3.
Our Interactive Virtual Tour is now online. Discover I AM A.I. with a virtual guide.