Artificial Intelligence is the most exciting technology of our time. But how exactly does it work? In which areas is it used? And what are its limitations?

Join us in the launch of I AM A.I. to explore these questions together.

Theresia Bauer
Chairwoman of the foundation administration of the Carl Zeiss Foundation
Andreas Matt
Director of IMAGINARY
Cedric Villani
Mathematician and member of the French parliament

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The traveling exhibition I AM A.I. opens to the public for the first time in Heidelberg beginning on January 29, 2022, in the MAINS.
2021-03-10 / 2021-03-26
As part of the IDM 2021, we conducted interactive presentations and teacher workshops on A.I. in Algeria, the Republic of Congo, and Senegal.
2021-04-24 / 2021-04-25
At dareCon! conference in Australia, we held an exciting workshop on the core concepts of A.I.
2021-06-09 / 2021-06-11
A three-Day workshop “Mathematical Introduction to Reinforcement Learning” for University students and professors in Pakistan.
2021-06-09 / 2021-06-11
A talk and two mini-workshops on I AM A.I. were given at the Ecsite Conference.

I AM A.I. is developed by IMAGINARY
and financed by the Carl Zeiss Foundation.

IMAGINARY - Open Mathematics
Carl Zeiss Stiftung